If you've read some of our other articles, you know that we firmly believe God did not create disease as allopathic medicine knows it.  God did not create cancers.  God did not create 'viruses'.  God did not create pathogenic bacteria.  As further proof of this belief, I'd like to use the example of food poisoning.  If you talk to almost anybody, they'll insist that food poisoning is caused by bad bacteria colonizing on the food.   Ask them to explain further, and they've got nothing; doctors included.

Point number one: Bacteria cannot easily survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Stomach acid has a PH of 1-3. This is very low. There are only a few acids that are stronger. Vinegar is usually around 2-3. Citric acid has a PH of 3-6. Nobody will debate that vinegar preserves food (aka preventing bacterial growth). Citric acid is recommended by the USDA as a food treatment to prevent bacterial growth. So, why then, do people so readily believe that bacteria passes right through the stomach and makes you sick. As point of reference, Vibrio cholerae bacteria die at a PH of 5, Salmonella die at a PH of 3.25, and E. Coli die off at around 2.5. On top of this, the stomach also employs other bactericidal chemicals like pepsin. A small amount may get through stashed in bit of food, but the experts all willing to admit that small amounts don't hurt you.


Point number two: All of the so-called toxic bacteria live in your body normally. E. Coli and Salmonella normally live in a person's digestive tract. Even Clostridium botulinum (the supposed cause of Botulism) can be found living in people's intestines with not issues. Does anyone have a good explanation of why these bacteria pose absolutely no threat when they are present in one part of your digestive tract, but somehow make you terribly ill when present in another? And let's remember that the 'safe' spot for the bacteria is the part that absorbs nutrients, while the 'unsafe' spot is the part that kills bacteria and absorbs nothing.


Point number three: They can't keep their stories straight. A while back, the only things you really had to worry about were seafood and pork. Then they decided to add raw eggs to the list. However, It is literally impossible for bacteria to be present on the inside of an egg. Then, they decided to add the rest of the meats. Despite the fact that the most gourmet preparations of meat are not cooked. In recent years, they've started telling us that vegetables can now cause food poisoning. And now, in our opinion the final nail in their coffin, breakfast cereals can cause food poisoning too. Really? A dry, highly processed, chemical laden, preservative riddled food is growing colonies of bacteria? We don't think so.


Now, let's make one important thing clear; we are not denying food poisoning exists. So what, then, does cause food poisoning? Chemicals. Pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, sanitizers, the list is almost endless. Lets follow the timeline of our last paragraph. It started in the sea. So did most pollution. Then it spread to meats and eggs when people started to 'preventatively' treat their foods and cooking surfaces. Do you have any idea how toxic restaurant sanitizers are? Then there was that debacle with the romaine. Pesticides. And now breakfast cereals. Add just a little too much of any of the chemicals involved in production of that trash, and you're certain to be ill.


Do we recommend eating long dead, decaying food? Heck No! And neither does the bible. Leviticus 22:8, for example. God gave us food, and the right way to eat. Fruit is food. MSG is not. Vegetables are food. Pesticides are not. Meat is food. The bleach that the USDA tells farmers to dip it in is not. Eat the way God intended. Fresh and unprocessed. Eat what got intended. Meat, fruit, vegetables. God did not give us chemicals to eat. Man messed that part up by thinking he could improve on what god made. Man needs to own his mistakes and correct them. Pinning them on God will never solve the problem.