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We are dedicated to finding and spreading the truth of God,
and the world that God created.


We are a relatively new church.  We exist for one reason: to promote the truth about God, His Word, and the world/universe that God created. 

We've done quite a bit of research into the area, and guess what, we couldn't find a single church that seemed to care about following & spreading the actual truth of God (or even the truth of the bible).  Sadly, most churches these days care about what is convenient to them and their bank account.  This is what led to our formation.  Please, join us on our journey to learn about God, His Word, and all of his wondrous creations.  

Most churches would have you believe that theirs is the only doctrine that could possibly be correct.  Most philosophers would have you believe that law, order, and ethics are created by man, for man; and can only be arrived at through the reasoning of man.  Most scientists believe that only they have the power to find the 'truth';  bringing spirituality into the equation will get you exiled from the community.  We believe that to separate life in this way is foolishness at best; the work of Satan at worst.  Philosophy, Science, Religion, Ethics, Health, ...all of these things are connected, because they all come through God.  As we continue to grow, we will post articles in all these areas.  We will show you that god is in all things.  We will show you that spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom are not mutually exclusive - quite the opposite.  We will show you how to use this knowledge to live your best life.  After all, how can one even start to see the whole picture if you leave out the most important part?