Lets just start right off with a heavy left hook; everything you've been told about being green/climate change is a lie. Electric cars are bad for the environment. Carbon dioxide does not cause global warming. Coal and oil are not villains. Recycling is a scam. Paper straws do not save turtles. Polar bears are thriving. Ethanol is destroying the environment. And cow farts have no impact on the atmosphere whatsoever.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers this, but years ago the first rumblings of climate change actually started with people saying the world was getting colder. That didn't quite pan get the panic they wanted, so they tried switching to global warming. They said the reefs were all going to die. The reefs are thriving. They said the ice caps would all melt. Still frozen. They said that by 2015 Manhattan would be underwater. It isn't. We were told that all the polar bears were going to die. They have the highest population since before the 50s. Now that more people are starting to roll their eyes at global warming, they gave it a new name 'climate change'. No matter what they name it, it is still the same thing; lies being fed to the public so that a select few can gain power and make the rest of the world more miserable. This is by definition evil, and we must do what we can to fight it.


We'll start with the obvious one; carbon dioxide. For years now, they've been trying to force down our throats that CO2 is bad, and it will raise the temperature of the earth. This is a flat out lie, and they know it. There is a reason every animal on earth exhales CO2. It's because God created a beautiful, balanced system of life. Animals need oxygen, and plants need CO2. We make one, and they make the other. More CO2 leads to healthier plants, and healthier plants lead to healthier animals. A more perfect system could not have been created. So, while they are accurately reporting that CO2 levels are rising, there has not been a single study that has proven this has caused an increase in temperature. There are, however, multiple studies that have shown that the higher levels of CO2 have led to higher plant growth. Crop growth has increased year over year, and there has been a verified global 'greening' effect.


In regards to CO2 and temperature, as we mentioned above, there has been no verifiable studies that have shown CO2 causes temperature change. The few that the climate activists have cited have either needed to be retracted, or were shown to have been conducted in a very un-scientific manner. In some cases, the scientists have straight-up refused to share the data they used to arrive at their conclusions. Most government weather sites have actually stopped showing data prior to the 70's, because the hottest years on record were actually well in the past. The worlds' hottest temp on record was in Death Valley in 1913. The famous Dust Bowl was in 1936. Most of the record highs set during that time haven been touched since. The 1877 was dubbed 'the year without a winter', because the winter was so warm. This is all obviously long before CO2 emissions were even a thing. The south pole actually just recorded its coldest six month stretch since 1976. While on the opposite pole, polar bear populations have been thriving. National geographic actually had to issue a statement about an article of theirs on climate change and polar bears being misleading. Their photographer literally had to spend months searching for a polar bear that was sick enough for the pictures they wanted. While there may be a correlation between CO2 and temperature, it is far more likely that temperature effects CO2 than the other way around. The oceans sequester the VAST majority of the CO2 in their waters. Cold waters hold more, warm waters hold less. Therefor, as the temperature increases, the waters release CO2 into the atmosphere.


There are far too many 'green technologies to get into them all here, but lets just cover some basics. Buying an 'efficient' car to replace an old one creates far more pollution during the manufacturing process than it could ever offset with its 'efficiency'. Electric cars use more heavy metals and toxic chemicals in their production than the average gas/diesel vehicle. On top of that, people fail to realize that electricity isn't magically available to all. It is generated at power plants. So, to power an electric car the electricity must be first generated with some other fuel source (which always results in a net loss of energy). Then, that power must be transmitted to the vehicle (again losing energy along the way). While the gas/diesel vehicle on the other hand, generates its power on the spot. Beyond all that, lithium batteries are horribly toxic to produce, use slave labor for raw materials, and are impossible to properly dispose of. The same is true of solar cells (minus the slave labor). They are also horribly inefficient. The best cells still only collect around 25% of the sun's energy. Whereas with coal, oil, and natural gas we are able to extract over 90% of the available energy. Plus, modern technologies have made them so clean that only water vapor and CO2 are released (one of the reasons they needed to villainize CO2). As an added bonus, the fly ash produced from burning them is a vital ingredient in cement production (among other things). You've also been lied to about where these resources come from and how much is left, but that's a topic for another article.


Unfortunately, this topic isn't as black and white as 'They lied. Climate's fine'. It's much more of a grey area. It is important to realize pollution is still a bad thing that does indeed hurt us all (environment included). While it likely has a negligible impact on the temperature of the world, it has a profound impact on our health and happiness. Toxins are leaching into our bodies and minds on a daily basis. The great lakes contain measurable amounts of a multitude of prescription and illicit drugs. Our food contains pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. The air we breathe is contaminated with fragrances, VOCs, and whatever your local factories are putting out of their smokestacks. These are the types of pollutants we need to put an end to, not beneficial CO2.


It is also important to realize that we are entering a grand solar minimum. What this means is that there will be decreased solar activity. This results in less solar energy for photosynthesis. It also correlates with a weakened magnetosphere. Which results in unpredictable weather patterns; ie storms, draught, winds, etc. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do but brace for this. It cannot be prevented. This is just the way god works. Almost everything in the universe operates on cycles. What we CAN do is not let those who want to control us trick us into giving them more power. They know this is coming, and for years have been asking for more and more control to stop it. They want you to give up your transportation. They want you to give up your meat. They want you give them control of the power grid. All in the name of stopping climate change.


The main take away here, as with all things, is that we need to return to God. We need to return to God in how we farm. Rotate crops. Let fields rest. Stop using herbicides, pesticides, and unnatural fertilizers. Destroy EVERYTHING GMO. We need to return to God in how we produce goods. Less plastic. More paper and glass. Less toxic chemicals. Less factories. More hand-made. We need to return to God in how we eat. Clean. Organic. Non-GMO. Meat, fruits, grains, veggies. We need to return to God in how we treat the planet. Stop dumping chemicals down the drains. Stop throwing so much in landfills. Stop Waste. We need to return to God in who we turn to for help. We need prayer, fasting, and godly living. We do not need to give more authority to evil people who do not follow the ways of the lord, and in many cases actively worship Satan. Trust in the things of god, not the things of man.


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